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SAT Tutoring Service in New York City

Many students need help preparing for the SAT examination. The results are important because the better they do on the testing, the more likely they are able to attend the college of their dreams. The problem is that many students have neither been adequately prepared for the rigors of college, let alone for the SAT testing, by their elementary and secondary education. Our tutoring company provides the bridge to help your child be fully prepared to do his or her best on the testing. We also help you and your child look ahead to what to expect in college.

SAT Reading

Why is SAT Reading Tutoring Needed?

The statistics are stark. A full 60 percent of all high school students are reading at a “basic” level. This means they are not reading on grade level in such a manner that they can deeply comprehend and assimilate what they are reading. Of course, in college and on the SAT test, they are going to be presented with complex reading passages that they must parse and analyze. Year after year, only 60 percent of all high school juniors and seniors are prepared to do this. Most of them hide the fact that they are poor readers from their family and friends because it is a source of incredible embarrassment. Then, it comes time to do the SAT test. Often, parents, being in the dark about their child's deficits in reading, do not seek out tutoring. The first set of SAT scores come in and are very disappointing and then parents know that some help is needed. That is where we come in.

If most of the students we help were reading on grade level, they would not need our help. There are SAT study materials online that have practice tests and answers that explain the rationale for each answer. It is pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, students who are not reading on grade level from the start are out of their league when they are studying for the SAT.

What Do We Do to Help?

Simply working with the practice exams is not enough help for most of our clients. For this reason, we begin with a quick and easy reading examination. We also ask questions about your child's reading habits and desire to read. We determine if there are any weaknesses in test-taking skills.

Based upon the results of the testing, we advise you and your child about the best course to improve in the areas of weakness. Some students will need to work with other materials for a time at their instructional reading level, working on improvement of vocabulary, reading fluency and deep comprehension. Students need to begin where they are functioning and get practice and help in order to move to the next level of readiness.

Some of the techniques we teach, besides test-taking strategies, include vocabulary strategies, such as using prefixes, roots and suffixes to help in learning the meaning of unknown words. We utilize repeated reading techniques combined with the vocabulary strategy and deep comprehension work in order to rapidly move your child up in their current instructional reading level. Students that work with us for a few hours each week who are behind in their reading skills can improve their reading level in a few months. This will help them become ready for attacking the SAT practice exams.

Why Our Approach to SAT Reading is Better

Sadly, many companies who provide SAT tutoring only help students practice with the examination practice materials and fail to ensure that they are reading on grade level and that their vocabulary is on grade level as well. Since 60 percent of the students are not reading on grade level, the SAT materials are at their frustration level. Practicing with those materials over and over will result in little gain. It is a waste of money and time. Students need to work from their current reading level and many must be provided intensive help to move up to college level reading.

Thinking Ahead to College

Some parents may think that if their child is not reading on grade level that skipping reading tutoring and not being too concerned about the SAT scores is a good tactic. The problem with this strategy is that their child will still need to improve their reading in order to succeed when they get to college. A third of all students who attend college never end up graduating with any degree. In college, the reading level increases exponentially from what students were experiencing in high school. Their poor reading skills are not serving them. They fall behind in reading and then are unable to succeed because they do not understand what they have read. Working on the reading deficit now not only helps their SAT score, even if they are not ready for the SAT practice materials right now, it also puts the eyes squarely on the bigger prize, readiness for the rigors of a college reading level.

SAT Mathematics

If you have read this far, you will no doubt realize that we are going to begin with some testing to see the strengths and weaknesses your child has on the SAT mathematics portion. We will only work on the parts that are lacking and not waste your child's time and your money on the portions where they do well.

How We Teach Mathematics

The problem that many people in the United States have is that we were not taught mathematics as something that is useful for daily life. We were taught mathematics as a bunch of dry formulas we had to memorize and spit back out to the teacher. Where your child has a weakness in mathematics, we will teach them through hands-on applications that aid or “scaffold” them in deriving the formulas themselves. So, they will solve real world problems and find out the formula through carefully crafted assignments that we will shepherd them through during each session. This will ensure that they will have a far deeper understanding of what they have learned so that they will likely not freeze and forget everything we taught them. This working knowledge of mathematics is key for both daily life and higher level mathematics in college.

We encourage you to contact us for an appointment today. Our caring staff of tutors will begin with some simple testing in order to find out where to begin instruction. SAT tutoring with our company is not just about the SAT. It is about your child's ability to navigate the SAT to the best of their ability and to be prepared fully for the rigors of college.

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